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Why Print Media Is Not Dead

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Print media

With technological developments over the last few decades, there has been a dramatic shift in the way we consume news, knowledge and advertisement. We are all still exposed to traditional forms of print media, however, we are now also influenced by other forms of media. One of the most common includes social media and other online platforms. Large and small companies are investing in other areas of marketing, advertising and ways of operating to appeal to consumer segments. Businesses are paying for managed service provider services, social media managers, search engine optimisation, IT consultants and web developers to appropriately engage with their audiences. There is still a market that appreciates traditional forms of media, however, leading to a market still existing.

The conversation of marketing has changed dramatically over time and still continues to do so today. Traditional forms of print media include magazine advertisements, brochure printing for promotions and newspaper advertisements. The times are changing though. People are purchasing newspapers less and reading the news online, billboard advertisements are shifting to digital advertisements and many are choosing to read their favourite books and magazines on tablets. These mediums are much more convenient and appealing to a more modern and time-poor population. Technology has been the biggest force influencing the transformation of marketing by making campaigns more personalised and engaging. WTraditional mediaith technology allowing business to direct their marketing efforts to the individual, consumers are able to receive more tailored information. For example, online tracking technology can target advertisements at a person based on their online history. Therefore, reaching the targeted audience of a company has become a lot easier and faster than ever before.

With this said, there are still many people that love to sit down and read a newspaper or magazine. Many older generations prefer to read physical copies of newspapers in the morning. Younger generations still read magazines, whether it be Vogue, In Style, Men’s Health or celebrity gossip magazines. Some even use fashion magazines as décor items around the house. So, while there may not be as many people using print media on a day to day basis, there is still an audience.

Looking at the history of newspapers and advertising, the first-ever newspaper printed in Australia was the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser. This paper was first published in 1803. In Melbourne, the first newspaper published was The Melbourne Advertiser, which was created in 1838. Other early publications included the renowned newspaper, The Australian, created by William Wentworth in 1824, as well as the longest-running Australian paper, The Sydney Morning Herald. The paper was originally called The Sydney Herald and was first released in 1831. The Sydney Herald was published weekly until October 1840, when it became a daily paper. There is a lot of rich history associated with print media like these newspapers, and State Libraries around Australia hold some of the oldest publications released in the country.

Many magazines also have incredible history attached to them, such as Vogue Australia. The magazine recently celebrated sixty years last year. The first issue of Vogue Australia was released in 1959, with the initial publication being the summer/spring issue. To celebrate this occasion, Vogue worked with the National Portrait Gallery to create an exhibition showcase, ‘Women in Vogue – Celebrating Sixty years in Australia’. The exhibition highlighted some of the best photography and fashion the magazine has seen over the years. So, whilst newspaper and magazine companies are exploring additional avenues to provide added value to their readership, such as online versions of magazines and online news articles, there is still demand for physical copies. Many appreciate the history of particular publications, or collect issues of magazines to display on the coffee table.

When it comes to marketing efforts like banner printing, posters and magazine advertisements, print media can be an effective way of reminding people of a special offer or an event. These marketing forms have a wide reach and can inform a large audience of offerings and promotions. Events ranging from a music festival, to a new restaurant opening can be promoted effectively this way. These tools can be utilised in conjunction with online platforms and social media. Businesses do not have to choose one or the other. Traditional and modern marketing techniques can complement each other and help to reach a particular audience effectively.

One of the main reasons that print media is still popular is due to the level of trust that readerships have. Quite often, there is a lack of trust when it comes to social media marketing. When it comes to newspaper or magazine copies however, the readers often already have a sense of trust and loyalty to the publication. Audiences are more likely to read and enjoy advertisements in this case. For example, if an individual reading a fitness magazine sees an advertisement about a new protein shake, they will likely be interested in this type of product. The same applies to a women’s fashion magazine advertising new beauty products. If the reader already has an interest in that product category, they will be more likely to try it. This type of marketing can be a very targeted approach to reach a desired consumer segment. Promotions are also a great way of sparking consumer interest and can be run through print media. For example, a perfume company could give away a number of perfume samples with each magazine so readers can try the product.

So, while companies may be enlisting IT support services, web developers, social media marketers and search engine optimisation services, print media is still used. This form of marketing will always exist to some extent. New forms of media such as social media have created a new platform for companies to interact with potential customers, but it has not abolished print media. Traditional media, including magazines and newspapers, are here to stay. So whether you are advertising your art services business, a new trendy cafe, or your plumbing services, posting a local advertisement in the paper will still help get your business out there.